July 13th, 2013

good news

Good news!

The IRS finally finished reviewing the 300 pages of documentation for our 2010 return I sent them per their request. The first line of the letter says,
We are pleased to tell you we did not make any changes to the tax reported on your return.
Praise God!

I'm wondering if maybe the IRS has a little too much on its plate right now to go badgering small fry like me, but you won't catch me asking. Not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

You're somebody, aren't you?

How many of these people can you identify by their better-known stage names? No fair looking them up, now!

Sarah Cannon
Cliff Arquette
Bob Keeshan
Bob Glaze
Bob Carter
Cassandra Peterson
David Akeman
Archie Leach
Marion Morrison
Robert Zimmerman