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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

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Happy Birthday to my Grandcub Daniel

If the shoe fits, wear it!
Happy Third Birthday!
On disagreements and disagreeableness
I have never been a lukewarm sort of person. Those things – particularly ideas or principles – that I believed in, I supported passionately. And I am good with words. I discovered, early on, a real talent in myself for the slashing attack, for the destructive critique, for invective. I also discovered, rather early in my preaching career, how empty such triumphs were. It’s easy to preach against something, but it doesn’t help anybody. It doesn’t inspire anybody. It doesn’t provide a vision of the Good. Its joy is a dark joy, a valkyrish joy in battle and slaughter, the exalted feeling of giving yourself over to an intellectual berserkergang. Collapse )

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