June 16th, 2013

says who

Traditional morality is not bigotry

A young person of my acquaintance posted online recently at how irked she was at hearing people who say disparaging things about those who openly talked of their gay, lesbian, or bi-sexuality identities. She viewed such people as bigots. That would include me, I suppose, though I certainly do not say disparaging things about others just on the basis of their sexual preferences.Collapse )
mad hatter

Theologizing sexual identity

I was talking with a friend recently about mutual acquaintances who had “come out” in recent years – that is, openly claimed a homosexual identity. There’s quite a minefield surrounding that topic. On the one hand, gay people want that to be an okay thing, no big deal, something to be welcomed as normal; on the other hand, they don’t like it when people talk about “lifestyle choices.” It’s not a choice, they say, it’s who I am; it’s how I was made. And so on. It occurred to me that gay people use a similar thought process to that of theologians when they talk about their sexual identities. For instance, it is easily possible to construe “coming out” as an experience of conversion. Collapse )