June 10th, 2013

good news

Not dead yet

The good news is that my overall improvement in energy and mental focus continues. I'm less tired, more eager to start the day. I'm not a hundred percent, but I'm drastically improved over a few weeks ago. Don't know whether to credit the medicine one doctor has added or the lack of medicine the other doctor took away; we'll worry about that later.

The bad news is that after months of fatigue and fogginess, where it seemed like every day was a struggle just to drag my carcase across the desert, I am way, way behind. On everything. I have come back to life only just in time, it seems, and the deadlines are coming at me like cars on the interstate when you're driving the wrong way.

Please God, I'll get through this and get back on top of things. In the meantime, praise God from whom all blessings flow! This afternoon, I managed to find the top of the dining room table. Next up, tax returns. And a 20-mile hike this weekend.
mad hatter

A Scout is Helpful

I got my dates mixed up and thought the Troop Court of Honor was tonight (it's really next week). Since I thought we were having a pitch-in, I made a Summer Trifle. But there was no pitch-in. Glad to say that the Scouts helped avoid any waste in the matter. They not only devoured the whole thing, they washed the bowl for me.