May 29th, 2013

camp cook

On the menu, on the horizon

Went over to the Butcher Block this afternoon. They sell ground beef heart by the pound. I'm thinking that beef heart would make a more intense chili base than ground chuck. Will try that another time.

I also priced crawfish meat. At fourteen bucks a pound, it's a leetle pricy; however, if I want to buy it in quantity for next January's Winter Rendezvous, the boss'll probably give me a really good deal. I'm thinkin' Crawfish Etouffé.


So, I was talking with one of my doctors about my caffeine intake. I usually have a cup or so of coffee in the morning, followed by 2.5-3.0 liters of Diet Coke a day. My wife is constantly on my case about the amount of Diet Coke I drink, and others of my acquaintance kid me about it. But the problem is not so simple.

To change your habits, it's easiest if there's something you can put in its place, something that you also like that is less bad for you. I told my doctor I could drink three liters of coffee a day, but then I'd be a wreck. Or, I could drink three liters of beer a day, but I wouldn't get anything done. Three liters of water would be best, of course, but I'm mostly a water drinker when I'm outdoors working, camping, or backpacking.

You see, I don't drink water at home because I'm thirsty. I drink in order to be putting something in my mouth. It's part of how I gave up smoking all those years ago. I'm a very oral person. I want something that gives me a punch of flavor or other stimulation when I take a slug of it. So, of all the things I might enjoy that I could imagine drinking, eating, or otherwise stuffing in my face, what is least bad for me?

Life is all about choices. Until I can find a better one, this is what works for me.