May 27th, 2013


A walk in the wild, wet woods

We gather together

Our happy Crew gathered for our spring backpacking shakedown on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. Normally, I'm pretty intent on getting out the door on time, but this is a training weekend and we had two first-time packers (Abby and Shelby), so I figured it would take a while to distribute gear and make sure everyone was truly ready to hit the trail.

I wasn't wrong. Shelby's backpack was totally inadequate, but we loaned her Anna's old pack, which was still good enough for a weekend trip. Abby's pack was small, but would do. Both Anna and Shelby were a little shocked at how much crew gear we had to share out. Food was going to be a bit heavy, too, since we were expecting Zach and Jeffrey to go, and they backed out at the last minute. T.J. and Dakota (both Philmont veterans) rounded out the youth component. Deanne and I were the adult advisors. So, we could leave a tent and some other things behind, but the food had already been packed, and that meant six people carrying grub for eight. Leftovers.

We got out the door by 10:30, though, and headed on out to the Hoosier National Forest. We were going to a section called the Deam Wilderness, where the good ol' boys can't camp out of the back end of their pick-em-up trucks. Even on a busy weekend, one is rarely crowded in the Deam.Collapse )