May 22nd, 2013

by himself

Prayers for Hera, please

Hera threw up several times and places this morning. She continues to lose weight, despite the medication she's on and her special food supplement. Deanne had to go to Indy this morning, so I took Hera to the vet.

The vet ruled out leukemia or immunodeficiency virus. Her calcium is high, so the probable diagnosis is some kind of cancer. The vet gave her a shot to boost her immune system. She gets one of those a week for about a month. He also gave us a series of three pills to give her over the next three days. I gave her one at home; she promptly threw it up.

Her prognosis is a much-shortened life. The vet says cats usually only live 3-4 years after diagnosis. So, who knows. I'm pretty depressed about it, but we'll take care of her for as long as we have her, and more than that one cannot do. Other than her vomiting, she doesn't seem to feel bad. Poor kitty.
good news

Dream a little dream for me

I don't know about anyone else, but when I dream, I really get the big production numbers. I dream in color. I hear music and sing. I've done math problems in my dreams. I get plot and exposition, like a movie that I am both in and watching. I speak German in my dreams sometimes, clearly; I even correct my mistakes as I speak it. I wake up with vivid memories of my dreams -- but they fade quickly.

When I was a kid, if I dreamed I peed in my sleep, I'd wake myself up wetting the bed; now, I can use the bathroom in my dream and wake up later to find I need to go, but I haven't messed up. But since I'd always peed in reality when I peed in my dream as a kid, I'd always believed that if you died in your dream, you would die in reality. So when I was shot in my dream a few months ago, even felt the bullet hit my chest, I wondered as I awoke if I was going to die. Oh yeah, when I have a nightmare, it's not all gauzy and confusing. It seems as real as anything and I awaken in a state of complete freak-out.

As I understand, you're not supposed to experience or be able to do many of these things and stay asleep. So, anybody else have vivid, narrative-type dreams with all the trimmings?