May 15th, 2013


Looking for a good woman

It's not what you think.

Summer is a-comin' in and the schedule is getting crazy. Coming up next weekend, our happy Crew is supposed to do a three-day backpacking shakedown. For that, I need a female adult leader. We've lost a couple of active female adults this year, and that's okay. But that means new active adults need to step up and make the magic happen.

I asked Sarah to go. She's available sometimes. But she's going to her brother's graduation from basic training somewhere in the Deep South.

Last year, Deanne came out of backpacking retirement to do the shakedown. But I've finally talked her into speaking in worship while I'm gone, something I think would do her good and bless the congregation, too. If she pulls out of that to help with the shakedown, then I've got to scramble for a guest preacher.

Last I heard, Julie was going out of town that weekend and gleefully leaving Abby with us. Amy doesn't do camping.

That leaves Alane and Kara among active female adults registered with the Crew. And a new prospect on the horizon: Michelle F., who's thinking about signing up (but who has two very young ones at home).

* * *

While we're on the subject, we have several other trips on the immediate horizon we'll need a female co-leader for. The twenty-miler June 13-15. New York July 20-28.


A great man

Just finished the third and final volume of William Manchester's biography of Winston Churchill (finished by Paul Reid). Massive.

I remember Churchill's death. I was eleven. How long ago it all seems. Margaret Thatcher's recent death seemed an end of an era, but her floruit was, so to speak, just the day before yesterday. Churchill's public life began in the reign of Queen Victoria.