May 12th, 2013

hound of heaven

Today's sermon was on marriage

I wrestled with this sermon for several weeks. You could have heard a pin drop as I delivered it. That's usually a good sign, but I was cutting close to the bone, and knew it. Speaking the truth in love is not so easy as some make it out. May the Spirit apply it to each person in the way that person needs to hear it.

Matthew 19:1-12

The Original Design

Some years ago, I was out west at Philmont Scout Ranch, preparing to help lead a seminar with a colleague – a minister just a few years older than I, though we were pretty much of an age otherwise. He was telling me about a family event his son and daughter-in-law had participated in not long before this, and he said in reference to his son’s wife, “it’s his second marriage, the first one didn’t work out – but that’s okay, everyone’s entitled to one mistake.”Collapse )