April 19th, 2013


Move along folks, nothing to see

The identity of the Boston terrorists is emerging. Final details aren't yet available, but what we know seems to center around a couple of Chechnyan brothers. Muslim, though how into the Islamist ideology they are remains to be seen.

Note that in the immediate aftermath of the bombing, fools like Chris Matthews were openly speculating on TV that the bombing had something to do with Tax Day. The usual talking heads chattered about possible Tea Party connections and hoped that the terrorists would turn out to be white Americans. When the fertilizer plant blew up in Texas a couple days later, the same bozos started talking about the Aryan Brotherhood. Why does anybody listen to these idiots?

I'm sure that soon we will know everything there is to know about the perpetrators. And I'm equally as sure that the talking heads that shill for liberal fascism will find their ideology not half so dangerous as that of ordinary conservative Americans.

Scouting membership standards

Well, we have a proposed change in BSA membership standards. The National Council will be asked to drop the prohibition on youth who declare themselves to be homosexuals. No change will be recommended in adult membership standards.

This is more or less where I came down personally on the matter. Apparently, much of the Scouting family and others who weighed in on the issue at BSA's invitation agree. Scouting is for the youth. Adults are there to serve the youth.

This of course sets up another conversation some years down the line, but that conversation will happen when we get to that point even if we don't change the youth membership standards now. In the meantime, I think this is as good a decision as we can hope for in today's polarized society.

As a Council Executive Board member, I was sent an executive summary of BSA's research findings on this, and I am impressed at the comprehensive -- and objective -- nature of their study and the openness of their process. I'm sure it won't make everybody happy -- indeed, whatever the decision, some people are bound to be very unhappy -- but I can live with it and am willing to defend it.