March 23rd, 2013

wayside cross

Block Party

Well, in the end I was just too tired to go over to Wilderstead last night. Which meant that I got up just after 4:00 this morning and was on the road by 5:00 to open the gate and await the delivery of my tan castlewall block. It was a beautiful day in the holler. I fired up the space heater while waiting for the sun to come up, but it was going to be another shirt-sleeves kind of day before too long.

The delivery truck arrived at 10:30. He had come up Akes Hill Road, and couldn't back his truck in the gate. I waved him down, and he said he was going to go to the top of the hill, turn around, and come back. "Yeah, like it said in the instructions," I replied. (The turn into our lane is too sharp to back a large truck in while facing uphill; the truck had to back in because it had a forklift attached to the rear of the truck bed.) So he came back and had no trouble backing in. Then he started to back all the way down the drive. I stopped him again and told him the road wouldn't take all that weight. He suggested parking at the gate and using the forklift to ferry the block in. "Yeah, just like it said in the instructions," I said again.

Once the driver got over his dumbth, he did a very fine job of getting my block off the truck and back to my building site. While he was doing that, I broke open the first pallet and began carrying some block up to where my last project was waiting. I needed just a few block to finish lining the sides of the emplacement where I intend to erect the tractor shed. It's all done now, and just needs to have the floor lined with mulch and then I can get the shed up.

Lots of blocks to play with

I've got lots of blocks to play with now

Shed emplacement done

Shed emplacement site

After delivery of the block and finishing the shed emplacement, I went into town and got some gas for my new chainsaw. I fired it up and downed a big, ol' scraggly sassafras that might have dropped a limb on my shed-to-be. I cut it up. Then I turned my attention to another dead tree that needed to come down, one of several projects that could have kept me busy all afternoon; however, it was not to be. The chain slipped off the bar. I got it back on and tightened it, and then it did it again. I took the bar completely off and reset everything, and it did it again. So, I've brought it back to town to take it to a chainsaw place to have it tightened so it won't keep doing that.

This time of year -- this exact time of year, which lasts only a very short time -- is the best time to plan out your projects in the woods. After everything greens up, you can't see what needs to be done, nor can you get through all the tangles to get to the jobs needing done. Oh, well, next time.

After I got done everything I could do, I was feeling sleepy in the warm sun. Our holler is very sheltered and with the foliage down, the sun shines through beautifully in the winter. I didn't fancy a sunburn by falling asleep outdoors, though, so I went and sat down on the loveseat in the cabin, leaned up against the corner, and zonked out for an hour to the plash of the creek and the shining of the sun on the tree buds. As I packed up to leave my own little paradise, I said to myself, "well, time to go into exile again."

Y'all stay warm, now

That's just grate

That's just grate
At least it registers with Hera

I don't know how old this pic is. I downloaded all of the pix in Deanne's camera today; she didn't know how. There's about a year's worth of all kinds of stuff. When this one came up on my display, we both broke out laughing.