March 14th, 2013


More fun than a barrel of grandcubs

Brian took today off, so we all spent the day together. Packing up the whole entourage was a chore, but we finally got ourselves off to the children's science museum at Union Station in KC-MO. Daniel had a wonderful time, but wore out by lunchtime. James was just along for the ride.

After we got back to the house, it was nap time for several of us. Daniel zonked out on the couch, and I fell asleep in Brian's office chair. I finally woke myself up with a thunderous snort. When Daniel awoke, we spent time some more time together. I've read a lot of books the last two days. We watched a 22-minute highlight reel of Daffy Duck on YouTube together. Then Daniel was hungry. He knows how to say, "cup" and "toast" very plainly.

Finally, it was time to leave. After hugs all round, as I was going out the door, Daniel called out, "See ya!" They're thinking of visiting Indiana over Independence Day, so I'm thinking an overnight at Wilderstead would be in order, with a fire and sparklers and fireflies and all.

Brian and Anna are very good parents. Better than we were, I think; I mostly remember being overwhelmed with the demands of children along with everything else coming at me back then. There are a lot of demands on them, too; when I come to visit Anna's family, I know my role. I'm there to help, and to pay attention to the boys, especially Daniel. He's a good kid and he doesn't seem to resent being ousted from being the main object of Mommy's attention, but still, you know that's a big adjustment. So, here comes Grandbear -- and, sure, I held James now and then, but the boy with the need for attention was Daniel, so Daniel got two full days of me. Later on, I'll have to be more even-handed in my attention, but right now, older grandcub gets first dibs. By the time James is old enough to want that kind of attention, Daniel will be able to pursue a lot of things on his own, and our relationship will shift again.

But hey -- what am I thinking? What you want to see is pictures!Collapse )