March 6th, 2013


By the numbers

We were working on the Cub Pack's re-charter last night in their committee meeting. They were experiencing some confusion on when, exactly, it had to be turned in. They've been told they're already late, that it should have been done in February. When they say, well, obviously we can't do that, they're told that the "drop-dead" date is March 15. And when I told them the actual date is March 31, they didn't know what to think. Their charter expires on March 31, but the Council wants it in on March 15, so as to head off any problems. And problems are routine, and need to be fixed. If everyone brought their charters in on the last day of the month, they couldn't all be examined and fixed, and that would be bad. But there's more to it than that. The professionals are supervised on the basis of numbers, and if a unit is late, they get dinged for it. So they want everything in a month early, in order to head off problems for them.Collapse )