February 25th, 2013

big hairy deal

Sorry, not interested

In snail mail and all forms of electronic media, I am constantly bombarded with invitations to workshops and seminars to better manage my ministry -- whether considered as the ministry of my parish or of my own, ordained self. I routinely turn them down. I am too busy to go to a lot of meetings to tell me how to do what I do better. Does this mean I'm missing out on great opportunities, that I'm blindly following a path that leads to a less than optimal end?

No. My attitude is best reflected in the old farmer, sitting on his front porch listening to a young County Extension agent trying to push pamphlets on scientific farming on him. The frustrated young agent, getting nowhere with the old farmer, finally said in frustration, "Sir, if you would just read some of these pamphlets, you could learn to farm twice as good as you now do." The old farmer just smiled and said, "Hell, son, I don't farm half as good as I know how to, now."