February 10th, 2013


News from our happy crew

Venturing meeting was very busy today. It was too wet and nasty to take down our tower, but we had plenty to do inside prepping tomorrow night's Tri-Kappa Founder's Day dinner. And we had plenty of help. We have a small flood of new Venturers, all eager to hit the trail with us; by the time we're done, some four new boys and at least three new girls. This comes just at the time that some of our experienced Venturers are saying good-bye to go on to other things. It's a time of renewal. Very exciting.

Herewith the menu for the dinner we are catering tomorrow night:
Greek Salad
German Cream of Potato Soup
Scratch Yeast Rolls
Beef Tips with Peppers and Onions
Wild Rice and Quinoa with Pecan Pieces and Dried Cranberries
Baked Ice Cream Tart
Life is good.
his friend Jesus

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle

I asked the youth in Sunday School to come up with ideas for a theme for our spring retreat in March; also, for menu ideas (as in, Okay, what will you eat?) They did both. As regards topics for discussion, their teacher told me they wanted to talk about drug abuse and teen-age sex.

What about music? I asked.

Well, yes, they mentioned that, too.

Great! If my generation can claim expertise about anything, it's Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. : )

Oh, yeah -- and they want to go fishing. *shrug*