February 7th, 2013

compass rose

One perspective on Scouting and Homosexuality

WTIU called me earlier this week, seeking an on-camera interview about the upcoming BSA vote on gay membership. We couldn't make connections. After the BSA vote was postponed, they called me back and I was to be interviewed today. Now they've canceled. No longer news, I guess. And that's fine. I was only willing to be interviewed because I thought it my duty to stand up for what I believe (and to inject some sanity into the discussion). If they don't need me, then I'm thrilled.

Still, I want to say some of what I had prepared for this interview. There are two reasons why "avowed homosexuals" (BSA's term) have been denied membership -- at least, as applied to adults. The discussion tends to concentrate on one reason, though the other is more critical these days.Collapse )