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The Daily Mustard
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Monday, December 24th, 2012

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Thinking about Authority and Tradition
My wife and I are Church Orphans. We got tired of waiting to be invited to church, so we just crashed the doors and started in. Ever since I entered the clergy, I have taken it upon myself to create the Church wherever I go, in the sense that I make sure that others feel invited. I remember the Church I wanted to belong to and I offer that to others. Waiting to join something as amorphous as “The United Methodist Church” is likely to be a long, frustrating wait. Especially if what you want is the love.Collapse )
Thinking about Scripture
Which is the more valid line of reasoning in each case?
A. We believe the resurrection is real because the Bible is true.
B. We believe the Bible is true because the resurrection is real.

A. We accept the New Testament on the witness of the Old Testament.
B. We accept the Old Testament on the witness of the New Testament.

A. We believe the Bible is true as we construe it.
B. We believe the Bible is true as the original author(s) intended it.

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