December 12th, 2012


Somewhat inappropriate connections

At the Pack Meeting tonight, we had eight Webelos Scouts cross over to Scout Troop 119. Pack Chairman Don talked about the years these boys had been together. He said at times it was like herding cats, but now that they're going to be Boy Scouts, it'll be like -- well, herding bigger cats.

And my brain fired a stray neuron, reminding me that in German, für große Bengaltiger gehen means not, "going for big Bengal tigers," but -- well, "going for small Bengal tigers" means to take a leak, so you can figure out the contrasting term.

Multilingual potty humor. Something eleven-year-olds would appreciate.
round tuit

Time is, says the Brazen Head

It's hard to let go of some things. It's hard to admit defeat and walk away. But it's time. I have sat on the Hoosier Trails Council Executive Board for a number of years now, and it's eating me up. I have got to get off this Board.

I think, in order to preserve certain other relationships that remain very important to me, I should ask to be transferred to the Council Advisory Board. That's where we install guys who have served many years and given a lot of leadership but who are either too old or too busy to keep up with the grind of meetings and committees. It would be a good place for me, I think. I'm not quite as old and venerable as some of the guys on there, but I've got the service record to qualify for it. And I can't really see the Scout Executive making any objections.

Perhaps after I do that, I'll feel a sense of release, as I now do about getting off the NAUMS Board. There is a loss to be mourned in giving up one's place, no doubt, but you can't hold on to things forever. And along with the loss of all that was rewarding and important, there is the admission that you are giving up the fight for all those things you cared so much about but failed to get accomplished. That, too, is something to be mourned. And if I really thought there were any chance of making a significant contribution in the areas I care about -- but no. Not as things are. To stay would just be to spend more tiring evenings getting increasingly frustrated.

It's time to move on. The longer I stay, the more unhappy I will be, and the unhappier I will make others. Time to cut the best deal I can for the future and leave the current situation behind. Time to drop old commitments, the better to pick up new ones -- especially those pertaining to family and fun.

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