December 4th, 2012

junior woodchuck guidebook

In which I achieve pop culture enlightenment

I joined the Twenty-first Century today (inadvertently, I admit). I was looking at some link from a news and opinion site, and there on the first pic of the gallery was who I thought was RuPaul.

It was Nicki Minaj, whom I had read about, fleetingly, in others' posts, but whom I had never laid eyes on. Huh. She sure looked like RuPaul to me.

A distinction without a difference, as they say.

To all my disappointed deer hunting friends

If you're wondering where all the deer went, I can tell you! They're all over romping and cavorting around my cabin. See? This was taken by my security camera last month. I have three more of deer in the night-time from just last week. It's a stag party, I tell ya! Or maybe just mucha doe about nothing. Oh, deer, that was a terrible pun. I guess you won't be fawning all over me, huh?