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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

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Cutting the cloth
A set of conversations recently led me to think about what makes a good pastor. It's a complicated, interrelated set of qualities, and none of us do equally well in all areas. That said, I made up the following table to assist in the conversation.

First of all, I broke up the pastoral work into the categories of Head, Heart, and Hands. Ideally, you would want a pastor who was equally adept in all three categories. That probably ain't happenin'. Still, you don't want a pastor who is seriously deficient in one category or the other.

Then I listed other areas of pastoral work: Integrity; Relationships; Skills; Wisdom; Leadership. Once again, we're not all equally strong in each of these areas, but you wouldn't want a pastor that was seriously deficient in a given area.

By cross-indexing catetgories and work areas, we come up with a list of qualities that pretty much define pastoral excellence. These are what I would use to evaluate ministerial candidates; they are also what I would use to critique my own work to identify my strengths and weaknesses. That would enable me to target things I need to work on.

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