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The Daily Mustard
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Saturday, November 24th, 2012

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Venison is a benison
My neighbor from Ohio County called this morning to say he had bagged me a doe. He is taking it to the processor and all I have to do is pay the processing fee (less than a hundred bucks). Yum. : 9
Christmas is coming (quick, hide!)
We are decorating the church for Advent and Christmastide tomorrow. We don't really have a service of Hanging of the Greens, but we all pitch in and deck the halls, after which we do what we do best: eat. It occurred to me that the Church lacks a hymn for the Hanging of the Greens. So I did my best to fill that lack. Here it is. Be warned.

The Hanging of the Greens

The time has come once more to put a wreath o’er every door,
And decorate a Christmas tree on every single floor,
To clear some space for poinsettias and e’en a manger scene;
Ready or not the time has come for Hanging of the Greens.
The church is decked with greenery of every size and kind,
With candles, bows, and angels fair, until it blows your mind.
There is no doubt Epiphany will come to clear the scene,
But till that day we’ll try to wade through all that hangin’ green.

Sung to the tune, "The Wearin' of the Green"

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