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The Daily Mustard
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Saturday, November 10th, 2012

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Scouting Family Feast 2012
Scout Troop 119, Venturing Crew 119, and Cub Pack 129 joined together for their Family Feast today at McCormick's Creek S.P. The Scouts stayed overnight and were just getting moving when I showed up this morning. Venturers Dakota, T.C., and Jeffrey -- and Venturing adult Pat -- soon joined us.

We whomped us some amazing chow. The Crew fixed a spatchcocked turkey with root vegetables, pecan-cranberry dressing, soda bread, Mt. Dew chicken, brownies, peach cobbler, S'more pie, monkey bread, and pizza. The Troop did green beans & taters, a deep-fried turkey, several pies, a wild rice casserole, and potato soup. Family members (and Cub families) began joining us as we said grace and dug in.

Most of the fixin's today came out of Dutch ovens, except for the soup and the deep-fried turkey. It was an amazing display of cooking skill. And it was all good.


John and his deep fryer


Dean teaching Scouts some cooking skills


Venturers Dakota and T.C. minding the coals


Webelos Scout Jacob waiting for the turkey to be carved


The board is spread; thanks be to God
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