November 3rd, 2012


Chilling out (literally)

I finally got out of E-ville about noon yesterday and headed for Wilderstead. Arrived about 3:00 and got down to business.

I have been intending to put up a shelter for my tractor. I priced out the materials needed to build a frame with a roof, and it was nearly two hundred bucks. Plus, I'm not the world's best carpenter. Menard's was selling a "shed-in-a-box," a put-it-together metal frame with a heavy tarp cover, for about what the lumber and roofing would have cost me. So I bought one.

Putting up a pre-built shelter meant leveling the ground. I got started on this, but still had a ways to go when the sun began westering towards the top of Akes Hill. It began to get chilly. I decided if I was going to roam around and enjoy the woods any, I'd better do it quickly. This shot below was taken from the far side of the Pishon as I returned to my cabin.

I read most of the evening. Re-read, I should say. Going through Mary Stewart's The Crystal Cave again, one of my old favorites. I've read it so often the pages are falling out. It's a keeper.

I slept in this morning. It was cold for one thing, and besides, I find that most of my days are sleep-deprived to some extent. I didn't get up till 9:30. Shortly after breakfast, it started to rain. I decided that killed outdoor chores for the rest of the day, and secured my tractor. I'll get back to leveling the ground later. I just want to get my tractor under cover before the snow flies.

I was needing some propane and batteries, so I went into L'burg for lunch and a run past Lowe's, then it was back out to the holler to clean the cabin. I normally sweep things out and set them in some kind of order every time I leave the cabin, but this time was a little different. At their best, cabins get dusty and feel damp, and that's okay, but I've got some church kids coming in two weeks and I figured it was time to de-clutter and sweep behind all the furniture. Took me two hours.

As I was leaving, I noticed several deer hunters getting into position. It started to rain as I drove up from the Laughrey valley. Then hail. Then I saw the lightning. And went through the cold, driving rain. Yep. Oughta be quite a story or two from this day's hunting to share with the buds when those guys get back from the woods.


Little Cabin in the Woods
says who


I've had two doctors on my rear end lately about getting a c-pap machine. I have been resisting the idea, but they've been relentless. My sleep study was terrible that I had a few months ago. Over a hundred apneas! Obstructive AND Central sleep apnea! Awful! Your life is at stake!

The neurologist confirmed what the allergist said. I said, well, I've lost a lot of weight. And besides, I was hooked up to all those wires and didn't feel like I could sleep normally, so I just lay back and snored my guts out.

So, as a compromise, the neurologist agreed that I should do a second sleep study, to see if I did better with less weight and sleeping on my side as I normally do. I wore my Breathe Right strip, too. He called while I was in the woods, apparently. I have a note here from the neurologist in Deanne's handwriting saying, "no sleep apnea."

Yeah, and no high-priced, uncomfortable, and impossible to take backpacking machine, either. Nyeah! So there.