September 16th, 2012


The Mighty Huntress strikes again

Came home from church to find a bloody mess in the living room. Hera apparently caught a bunny rabbit near half her size, dragged it in, and tore it to death. I've gotten rid of the pieces and the fur, and Deanne is now spot-cleaning the carpet.

When we found it, Deanne said that if we still had Sassy, there wouldn't be any rabbit left to clean up. *sigh*

For Hera, Hunting Season is always Now.
rose window

Today's wisdom brought to you in the key of K Flat

I did a sermon in song today, featuring the following:
Deep River, a capella;
Whispering Hope, accompanying myself on guitar;
Fareweel Regality accompanying myself on guitar;
The Rose, accompanying myself on the piano;
I Liked You More, accompanying myself on the piano;
The Heart of Mary, piano solo;
The Lost Chord, with Monika accompanying me on the organ.

It was fun.