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The Daily Mustard
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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

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Hot diggety dig
"So the wall was finished . . ."
Nehemiah 6:15


I went over to Wilderstead early today. Bought 50 block in L'burg and headed for the holler. Laid block, then dug at the hillside for three hours. Took a break, then returned to L'burg for 60 more block. Back at Wilderstead, laid more block, dug some more, and finally finished the retaining wall where the undercroft of our future house will be.

There's still a pretty big crater at the far end that will be filled in as I gnaw more at the hillside, but I feel a great sense of accomplishment in finishing the wall. One doesn't realize how many blocks are in a wall (and how freakin' much they cost) until one starts in on such a project.

Next, I have to build a second, lower retaining wall just below the building site. The two walls between them will define the access road for vehicles needing to get past the house site and work further up the draw. But that's for another day. Today, I'm celebrating the end of a monster task. Sanballat notwithstanding. Nyeah.

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