August 13th, 2012

good news

The battle of the bulge

My weight this morning read 216.5. I felt pudgier than that, but I'll take it, gladly. My goal is to stay under 220, if I can.

What I'm discovering is that, for me, there are only two ways to lose weight and keep it off. I can either go very low-carb or very low-fat. And whichever way I go, I've got to stay on that diet pretty much for the rest of my life.

There are only three sources of energy for your body: sugars and starches; fats; and alcohol. Since living on alcohol is not practicable, you've got two choices. Starches are converted into sugars. Sugars that can't be used right away get converted into fats. So you can keep your consumption of sugars and starches way low, which forces your body to burn fats for fuel (the Atkins Diet), or you can keep your consumption of fat, grease, and dairy way low, so your body uses what you put in it and doesn't store up extra fat. Both ways work. The problem is, making a choice and sticking to it.

My choice has been made for me. Since I now lack a gall bladder, digesting fats, grease, and dairy is a problem. I can still eat them (and how I love bacon, cheese, and cream!), but not in any quantity. More than just a little now and then makes me feel as if I'm pregnant with a soccer-player. So, low-fat it is.

Along with the low-fat diet, I've got to keep my exercise up and not get stuck behind a computer or a desk, or just become a meeting sloth. And, I need to drink a LOT of water, to keep everything flushed out (drinking water also helps you feel full).

The challenge is going to be getting through the winter without bulking up too much. The mammalian hibernation response plus reduced activity can make you put on weight and hold onto it in the dark and cold. Winter feasting doesn't help, either. Anyway, I've got my work cut out for me. We'll see where I am, come Groundhog Day. That'll tell the tale.