May 18th, 2012

in the soup

Very long day

I still haven't found our checkbook. Now, my paycheck is floating around somewhere. My brain is tired, losing elasticity or something.

I had an afternoon meeting in Carmel, so I went up 67 toward Indy. (Had to pick something up in Spencer along the way.) As I went crusing up the road, I was surprised to see the town sign for Cloverdale. I had missed my turn at Gosport and just kept cruising up 231. Oh, well. I got lunch in Cloverdale and hopped the intersnake. No biggie. Then I realized I had forgotten my cell phone. Well, I probably won't need it, I thought. After leaving my meeting, I stopped for gas and locked my keys in the car. I finally got going again and made it home only half an hour late. Then I saw my cell phone in the car console; I had had it along after all.

I wolfed down a sandwich and went over to the park to help the Scouts put up a monkey bridge for tomorrow's Heritage Hike. I finally had to give up and come home. I'm just all done in.

On the up side

The picture is of our Scouts erecting their monkey bridge over Turtleback Creek this evening. They're staying overnight at the park to watch over it, which should be fun. I'm hoping the bridge will be a highlight of the Heritage Hike tomorrow.

More good news: got my annual physical report today. My total cholesterol was 97. I've never seen a number like that on any report I've ever gotten, since they started tracking it some twenty-five years ago. So, yay! for me.

Bridge Builders Bridge Builders Troop 119 spanning the Turtleback