April 29th, 2012


Way early

Got up at 5:00 this morning and got myself moving in the direction of the Scoutorama. Worship was scheduled for 6:45 this morning. It was dark when I left, but the birds were singing by the time I got to the Fairgrounds. By first light, one or two leaders were up trying to locate the coffee pot.

At 6:30, Ray D. woke up everyone with an announcement over the PA system. A few minutes later, the Troop that does Civil War re-enactments fired off a cannon, and by 6:46, I had a congregation of bleary-eyed boys and adults assembled to honor the Lord.

Which we did. Then I sent them off to get their breakfast cooked, and I betook myself back to E-ville. Now, I've got a little time to collect myself before I have to go unlock the church and get ready for worship there. I have seven God and Family awards to present to Webelos Scouts this morning. And I have a sermon to preach on the cross of Jesus that somebody needs to hear.

Lord, thank you for the privilege of serving. Hold me up and let me do what needs doing for you. Amen.