April 26th, 2012


Each in our own language

In honor of the many peoples and languages present at the General Conference of The UMC, I present here an ancient translation of Acts 2:1-8. It is one of the glories of the English Church (Roman, Reformed, Puritan, Methodist) that throughout its history, it has been among the forefront of those bringing the Bible to the people in their own languages.
On ðisum dæge, þe is Pentecostes gecweden, com færlice micel sweg of heofonum, and gefylde ealle ða upferlinge mid fyre. And wæs æteowed bufon heora ælcum swylce fyrene tungan; and hi wurdon ða ealle gefyllede mid þam Halgum Gaste, and ongunnon to sprecenne mid mislicum gereordum, þe ðam þe se Halga Gast him tæhte. Þa wæron gegaderode binnan ðære byrig Hierusalem eawfæste weras of ælcere ðeode ðe under heofonum eardiað; and þa apostoli spræcon to ðæs folces gegaderunge, and heora ælc oncneow his agen gereord. Ða wærð seo menigu swiðe ablicged, and mid wundrunge cwædon: La, hu ne sind þas ðe her sprecað Galileisce? And ure ælc gehyrde hu hi spræcon urum gereordum, on ðam ðe we acennede wæron!

There are no dead languages among believers. Every voice shall be raised in its own mother tongue in the kingdom of heaven.

Beast of a day

Today was my second day back at work. I began by getting the mail and doing a little bit of office work. Then I had to run across town do to some errands. Came back for lunch, fell asleep at my computer keyboard sitting bolt upright, woke up in time to barrel out for another round of errands: doctor's appointment; pharmacies; pastoral call. By the time I got home it was pushing 5:00 and I was exhausted. I felt like I had a stitch in my side (yeah, I know, I have several stitches in nearby places, but you know what I mean). I ate a huge meal -- a bad habit, eating because you're tired -- and blew off the rest of the evening. Got a couple of major things gotta be done tomorrow. Gotta be done. But there's no use pushing myself tonight.

I'm restricted from lifting/pushing/pulling more than 15 pounds for four and a half weeks. I'm going backpacking at about the end of that period. Looks like I'll have to have the crew divide up my share of crew gear, as if I had been injured or come down sick on the trail. Fifteen pounds is about what I carry of just my own stuff.