March 16th, 2012

speed limit

On my way

I'm sitting at the gate here in the Indianapolis airport. Easy drive up. Got here in good order. I really like Indy's Expert Traveler lane. Flying out of here beats most other airports I've been in.

Saying a prayer for my luggage. I had to check a bag through, a large duffel with my camping gear in it. I should be at First Landing by 4:00. Dinner tonight with Anna, Brian, and Daniel.
very angry

Go directly to Atlanta, do not pass Go, do not collect $200

Well, I landed on time in Atlanta. My plane out has not yet arrived, will be delayed at least an hour, and has gone through three gate changes. I passed several large crowds in the concourse that burst into sudden applause -- I presume because a late aircraft was finally cleared for boarding.

Man, I hate flying through Atlanta. I'd rather fly through Chicago O'Hare any day.

P.S. The airport TV is all-CNN all-the-time. Which I suppose makes sense, since CNN is based here. I'm sure that the waiting rooms in Hell only play Rosie O'Donnell reruns.
mad hatter

While we're at it, we could always go back to trial by ordeal

I'm heading for Virginia Beach, where Witchduck Road is a prominent street. Witchduck Road is not named after Magica de Spell, but after the last (only?) trial of a witch in Virginia history -- some time back in the 1640s or so. Someone decided that a woman in the area was looking at people funny and denounced her as a witch. She was subjected to a ducking in a nearby body of water and didn't sink, so she was pronounced guilty and served time in jail. The place where she was ducked became Witchduck Road.

You'd think those times are long gone, and good riddance to them. But the TV here is blaring with the news that the college student who set up a camera to watch his gay roommate making out in their shared room has been found guilty of "bias intimidation" and faces up to ten years in prison and deportation to India.

Bad as bullying and all that is, and I'm not condoning it for anybody, gay/straight, black/white, whatever, this is simply and obviously a witch hunt. Using nothing better than the "spectral evidence" admitted at the Salem witch trials, the jury found this hapless guy guilty because somebody oughta be responsible for the fact that that embarrassed gay roommate jumped off a bridge. Mind you, the pranking student was NOT found guilty of actually hounding his roommate to his death, but simply of "bias discrimination." (He was also found guilty of "invasion of privacy," which in the context of dorm life I would have thought a practical impossibility. There is no privacy between roommates, as I recall. If you want privacy, you go somewhere else.)

Pranks are a part of young life. Some are hurtful, some end in disaster. I don't like pranking, either. But absent any real evidence of malice, how do you prove "bias discrimination," except by assuming what was in the mind of the pranker? My God, what have we come to?

Last post of the day

All is quiet here at First Landing State Park. I have the veranda of the Park HQ to myself (that's where the free WiFi is). Getting ready to go snuggle down for the night.

My plane finally took off an hour late from Atlanta, but everything was great upon landing in Norfolk. I drove off about 4:30 and toodled up the shore to the park, set up my campsite, and headed for Anna's place. They were waiting on me. And we all went out to a Japanese steak house for dinner.

Got to play with Daniel a good bit. He was a tad shy at first, but soon he was smiling at me and showing me things. Now he's quite comfortable sitting on my lap, letting me take a turn of toddler care while Mommy and Daddy rest and eat. He claps in time to music and sings syllables. He likes spicy foods. He also likes sour foods, including sauerkraut (now, that's my boy).

We haven't finalized all the plans for this weekend, but we're going to go do some history stuff. And Anna wants to take Daniel hiking up here at First Landing. And I've looking for something to get A & B for their birthdays next month. And there's the St. Patrick's dinner tomorrow night at their church. And I'm sure there'll be some games and lots of good talk.

It's good to be here.