February 26th, 2012

hound of heaven

Just sayin'

Catholics are responding ably against the President's outrageous infringement of religious liberty. This is not about birth control, it's about the power of the State.

That said, many of the columnists I'm reading are doing the administration's job for it by defending the Catholic nature of the opposition. Little attempt is made to talk about evangelical opposition to the HHS mandate, for instance. The end result is to make it appear that it's really about Catholic beliefs after all, not about everyone's relation to the State.

So, guys (and gals) -- conservatives all -- could we please back up and be a wee bit more inclusive in our defense of common values?

The Ten Commandments, Part V

Exodus 20:12, Ephesians 6:1-4

The Fifth Commandment: Honor father and mother

Today, we come to the one verse in the Bible that every parent knows by heart – certainly, my parents did: “Honor your father and your mother.” There are many ways to do that, I’m sure. I recall one attempt of mine to honor my parents that took some doing.Collapse )

Just a normal week out in the vineyard

Well, I go to see the surgeon tomorrow to set a date, I hope. I told my congregation I was giving up my gall bladder for Lent. The chair of the Council Jamboree in October may call in the afternoon, he said, to talk chaplaincy for that event. Monday evening is Boy Scouts, where I need to recruit a couple-three helpers for Saturday.

Tuesday has a dental appointment stuck right in the middle of it. Like I need more medical care this week.

Wednesday is busy, anyway, with noon Bible study and evening choir practice. Got an appointment in the office that afternoon, too.

Thursday, I have a business lunch, plus that's Deanne's birthday, so need to go shopping for a present.

Friday evening, gotta go shopping for the next day's doin's. I'll have to do a bunch of prep work, too.

Saturday is Crazyville. Cooking for a men's breakfast in the morning for which I am also the speaker. Then, the kickoff meeting for the Fruitful Congregations Journey is that day in Greencastle from 9-1. The Venturers gather late afternoon to cook and serve the Wapehani District Recognition Dinner that evening.

And somewhere in all those unmaneuverables, there's a sermon to write and we've got someone in intensive care with a stroke right now, and I haven't been out to my cabin to check on things in over two weeks. Don't know how God will get me through it all, but I'm sure he will, though I take C.S. Lewis's poem as a warning:
All things (e.g. a camel's journey through
A needle's eye) are possible, it's true.
But picture how the camel feels, squeezed out
In one long bloody thread from tail to snout.