February 19th, 2012


The Ten Commandments, Part IV

Exodus 20:8-11, Mark 2:23-27

The Fourth Commandment: Remember the Sabbath

A typical Sunday in a time not so long ago . . .

We start off with Sunday School about mid-morning, then the main worship service, which lasts until noon – or later, if the preacher’s really wound up. After returning home, there’s an enormous dinner laid on before the family and any guests, followed by – nothing. No TV. Hadn’t been invented yet, or at least, your family didn’t have one. No shopping. No stores are open, anyway. No games. “Aw, come on, Ma, ya mean we can’t even go play ball out in the yard?” Nope. No school activities – well, there’s a mercy. No loud activities of any kind at all. And if there was a second session of church in the evening, everybody went to that, too. This was called “keeping the Sabbath” in its day, and some of you are old enough to remember just how long the Sabbath could seem to a kid with a day off that he wasn’t allowed to do anything with. Collapse )