February 17th, 2012

storming the castle

Something new has been added

Well, we were all braced for a negative campaign of epic proportions centered on race. It was kind of a given that whoever faced off against Obama would be demonized as a bigot. Now that Rick Santorum is leading in many polls for the Republican nomination, we're seeing the possibility of a different tactic: a negative campaign of epic proportions centered on sex. The media and the Left (but I repeat myself) are determined to make opposition to HHS's unconscionable coercion of religious liberty into a case of sexism, painting all Catholics (and other religious folk who oppose HHS's overreach) as "patriarchal men" who oppose contraception.

Well, we all knew that Obama couldn't run on his record. He can't even win by running against his eventual opponent's record, whoever that opponent might be. So the only tactic left is to invent a record for his opponent and run against that. The fact that it's all lies and distortion is irrelevant. If the election is about Obama, he loses; if it's about his opponent, he probably wins.
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Longing for my hermitage

I've been going round and round with an unhinged, arrogant sort on a FB discussion thread I wish I'd never joined. This guy kept referring to some terrible abuse of power perpetrated by his bishop against him that he was suing over. Finally, I did a simple internet search and found several documents posted by him on a church news and opinion site some years ago. Whatever he may have done or not done that led to his confrontation with the Powers That Be, there is no doubt that he behaved like a self-righteous Grandiosity and was bounced for his trouble. I'm sincerely sorry for him, but I would have bounced him, too.

That said, in looking over the church news and opinion site he posted on, I was shocked at the level of vitriol on display from all over. These are posted by people with whom I would probably agree on most things, but good heavens! I understand that anger begets anger and contempt begets contempt, but the over-the-top stuff that the extremes of both Evangelicals and Liberals post about each other beggars description. After reading just a few posts, I feel like there is no place left in the whole Church where ordinary, sane people can discuss anything.

In short, I agree that Liberals are intent on turning The UMC into something awful, but I wouldn't put these guys in charge, either. Revolution begets counter-revolution; it's an old story. And who will pastor the flock when all the angry people are done with it? Someone has to be able to stand for all the right things without gibbering in rage.