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The Daily Mustard
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Monday, February 6th, 2012

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Like sheep led to the slaughter
So, the theme for our spring youth retreat will be "Rating your Dating," featuring lessons and discussion of real-life boy-girl stuff. The girls are all thrilled, I'm sure. We get to talk about boys and stuff! Meanwhile, the boys are appalled. We have to talk about girls and stuff? One 7th-grade boy insisted he wouldn't attend without other boys for backup.

This is all normal. Girls mature, physically and socially, about two years faster than boys. We've just got to make sure that the boys know that nobody is going to be put on the spot, and there won't be any embarrassing discussions where you want the earth to gape and swallow you whole. And as long as everybody understands that, I think the discussions will go well, the fun will flow, the food will be great, and God will be there, too.

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