January 24th, 2012


Well, so much for that

Last year, I flew to Dallas for the Spring BSA meeting. I booked my flight 37 days in advance. It cost me $403.30. I got online this afternoon to book my flight for the Feb. 6 meeting -- 13 days from now -- and the cheapest flight is $1,403!!! Oh, wait: Priceline beats Orbitz -- they can get me there for $1,027. Oh, wow. What savings! [/sarcasm]


Is it that I'm booking so late? (I got a flight to Dallas last fall for $294.80, booking 56 days in advance.) Or has air travel just gone crazy? The upshot is that I won't be able to attend that meeting in Dallas, that's for sure.


Louisville to Dallas and back that day is only $400.00. So the real factor is the Super Bowl, and everyone wanting to leave that Monday morning has jacked up airfare a thousand bucks. Thank you, NFL.

Of course, I don't feel like driving two hours to Louisville to pick up a plane + two hours back, so I'm still not going to the meeting.