January 19th, 2012

camp cook

I knew I'd roux this day

I went shopping this afternoon for things I have to prep before going to camp tomorrow. It took me three hours. I just about bought the town out of fennel, I think. I was exhausted when I got back.

Deanne helped me schlep the goods down to the church kitchen, and I began chopping away. I've now got everything in the pot to make stock for this weekend's gumbo. It takes a long time for six gallons of water, a mass of veggies, and three semi-frozen chickens to boil. Then it gets to simmer for three hours. Then it gets strained. The end result should be four gallons of dynamite home-made chicken stock (and three chickens to be deboned and added back to Saturday's gumbo).

Later this evening, I will spend an hour or so, patiently stirring my roux. Roux is easily burned, and I'm making a ton of it, so I wanted to make it beforehand and take out cold to camp. Saturday's gumbo making then becomes a simple affair of assembling ingredients and simmering until thicker'n the mud at the bottom of a pond.

There is still much to do, and I'll be buying stuff on my way out of town, I think. But the show will go on! We have 469 paid participants so far, plus 75 or so staff, so we've already topped 500 people to feed. I had to drop plans for the Winter Cabin showstopping dessert, since I was too sick for a day and a half this week to prep the gingerbread for it. Ah, well, another time. Maybe for the District Recognition Dinner in March? *sound of wheels turning*