November 25th, 2011

mad hatter

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving went well. Zach came for a couple of nights and went with us up to Fishers, where my niece Robin and her husband hosted le grand affaire. While Deanne and Zach were getting ready, I drove over to Columbus to pick up my favorite aunt (one of the few I have left, too), and then drove her to Fishers. My sister Clarice (Robin's mother) also attended. We had massive amounts of food and it was all good.

After dinner, Aunt Clarice and I drove down to Sister Clarice's house to see her two cats. Then I returned Aunt C. to her home and drove home myself.

I just got back in from grocery shopping, and Walmart wasn't full at all. Their sale kicked off at midnight, so all the Black Friday Zombies had eaten their fill and gone home. Someone was saying that Menard's, just up the street, was still crazy, since they only opened at 5 a.m. It's good to be home and dry without putting up with holiday madness.

Gotta get my tractor started. It's sat too long, I'm afraid. And instead of heading for Wilderstead this afternoon, I've got a backlog of office work that just won't quit. So the rest of today will probably be spent mooching around here. But, hey, at least there's food in the house again. That's an improvement.
wile e.

Dear Internet Fairy

I can't get my tractor started. I was afraid that the battery might have run down, since I hadn't started it in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I turned the charger on and held down the glow-plug for a goodish while before attempting to start it. The crank turned, but the engine didn't fire.

I've tried holding the glow-plug down longer, but I still can't get it to fire. As the battery has run down in subsequent attempts, I first put a battery starter on it, and then attempted to jump the tractor from my car. In both cases, the battery doesn't seem to be helped much. But it still turns a bit. It just doesn't fire. There is plenty of fuel in the tank.

I don't know enough about diesel engines to know what to do next. What do you advise?