November 15th, 2011

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A bit worried

Prayers for our son Zach are requested. He last posted on LJ on Friday. Attempts to reach him by phone to ask about Thanksgiving have not been successful.
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This may take more a little more work

I had a meeting with 2 of our 4 active Arrowmen last night at the Troop meeting. Members of the Order of the Arrow help promote camping and best camping practices in the Troop, as well as take the lead on offering cheerful service. One of the main subjects of our meeting was my desire to enlist the Arrowmen's aid in making the switch from Ransburg to Maumee next year for our summer camp. The Troop Committee and PLC have been slowly convincing themselves that we should switch camps, and that can engage emotions and loyalties in a negative way. I want the Arrowmen to jolly the doubters along to make the switch easier.

Little did I think the hardest Scouts to convince would be the Arrowmen themselves. These two would rather fight the switch than assist in the transition. Well, we'll let it simmer for a while. Maybe by the time we're ready to promote camp, they'll have processed things and be ready to help. They need to realize that however/whenever the decision was made/is made, there comes a time when leaders have to lead in a positive way. None of us gets everything we want, but all of us are responsible for helping others get the most out of our experiences together.

The first lesson the Order of the Arrow is supposed to teach is, It's not all about You.