November 9th, 2011

by himself

Prayer promptings

I looked out my office window just a bit ago and saw Hera exploring a dump truck in the back parking lot left there by the roofers who are doing the church. She loves that wooded corner of the neighborhood, and resists being winkled out of it. She always comes home, of course, but I worry over her as she roams around such a high-traffic area.

My fretfulness over pets has increased over the years. I used to not worry about it so much; fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and kitty cats are the reason why. But as I have grown older, I have also grown more protective. I told my son once that the reason for this is that I had to let my children go, and rather than nag them and fuss over them nagged and fussed over the pets. We keep grown animals in a relationship of continuing infancy because we can't stop people from growing up, nor should we.

So every time I see Hera skulking off to her special wooded corner I say a prayer for her. And every time I say a prayer for Hera or one of our other critters I immediately say a prayer for Zach, then go on to Anna, Brian, Daniel, and as many more as time permits. They are worth many sparrows, said Jesus, and more than a few cats as well.
xmas cats

Making progress

Got my semi-annual filing done today. You can see the top of my office desk again. I've been doing some major decluttering and putting-away over at the house, too. My goal is to do at least one job I've been putting off each day until Thanksgiving, at which point the house and office should be reasonably clean and free of junk and we should be ready to shoot the Christmas rapids.
speed limit

Windy day

Just before our noon Bible study today, someone asked me if I had a tent that had gotten away from me. I went outside and there, stuck in the handrail of the steps leading from the upper parking lot to the lower one was a blue 2-pole dome tent with an orange fly on its side.

I remembered seeing this particular tent somewhere up the hill where Sassy and I go walking, but I couldn't remember which yard it was in. Anyway, we were getting ready for lunch, so I went and got some extra tent stakes out of my garage and staked the tent out in the church side yard.

As we were leaving Bible study a couple of hours later, the tent had moved again. It was now up amongst the line of cars facing the prayer garden. It had slipped three of the stakes and dragged the other one. This time, I simply took the tent down, rolled it up, and stashed it in my garage until I can figure out what to do with it.