November 8th, 2011


All creatures great and small

This pic is from 2004, not long before Fuji's last illness. Fuji was 20 years old and getting to look a little scraggly. Sassy was just turning 4.

We acquired Fuji as a little kitten from the neighbors in 1984. The dad wanted to throw him out and the kids were neglecting him; their grandmother asked us if we could take Fuji with us when we moved, even though we already had two cats. He went on to become the grand old cat of the house. I used to wake up with him sleeping on my pillow next to my head.

Fuji and Sassafras Fuji and Sassafras

hound of heaven

Every creature is wise in its own way

Sassy came up to me earlier this afternoon, gently growling. Time to feed my insistent little girl. After a nap (mine, not hers), she came again, standing tensely, expectantly. I looked at the clock and it was still early for a walk, but again, my Pink Puppy Princess™ was insistent it was time -- and it was.

At first, I grumbled that the time change had deeply affected the dog and the cats, but then I thought: no, it's the other way around. Their need for meals and walks and so on is completely unaffected by what some silly government says the proper time for these things is.