November 7th, 2011


All creatures great and small

We had just arrived at the youth hostel at Mikumi and unloaded our stuff when we found ourselves surrounded by baboons looking for easy goodies. One swooped through the kitchen area, swiped a jar of peanut butter, and was up a tree in no time flat. We quickly closed the windows to prevent further theft. A time of confusion ensued, and people were getting too close to the baboons. I had to warn the youth that if anyone got injured, we would have to evacuate to South Africa and the trip was over. That sobered them up, and they started acting properly in the presence of wild animals again. For while baboons are just big monkeys, they are also very dangerous. Other creatures passed through from time to time, but the baboons were regular visitors to the hostel.

Baboon, Mikumi NP Baboon, Mikumi NP

beats working

If I only had a brain . . .

I had an MRI this morning on my brain and trigeminal nerve (the one in your face that goes to your lip) to see if the neurologist could find anything actually wrong with it. This is all leftover aggravation from my sinus surgery of a year and a half ago. My right trigeminal is still making my upper right lip feel vaguely numb and puffy.

As I was getting ready to leave, they handed me a CD of my test results to share with any doctors in the future who might want to see them. Or to show at my next Hallowe'en party. At least now I can prove that I have a brain, because I've got pictures of it.

When I first went back to the exam area, a nurse took my BP: 150/70 again, same as last week. Which is 20 points or so lower on the first number and 10 or so lower on the second number than it's been for some years. As I was getting checked out to leave, BP was 150/64. I haven't had numbers like that since I can remember. So cutting out the Celebrex seems to be working. What I'll do when I go backpacking again, I don't know, but I imagine I'll be maxing out on whatever painkillers we take along.