October 10th, 2011


The friendly skies

Well, here I am at the hotel in Irving. In contrast to my last experience of air travel, everything has gone smoothly. In July, I had a meeting in Wichita involving missed planes and bad weather that got me to the Air Capital 8 hours late. Today, a shuttle bus pulled up right behind me when I was parking at the Indy airport -- and waited. My first flight left early. My next flight also got into DFW early. The airport shuttle was parked right below me as I called in for it.

I'm hoping all this means that something good will happen in my meeting this afternoon. I'm on a roll.

Places to Go

I'll bet some of you have some fond memories (or maybe, some painful ones) of hiking the trails of Bear Wallow in Brown County.

Bear Wallow, IN Bear Wallow, IN