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The Daily Mustard
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Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

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This one was used by the author of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," which is very seasonal right now.

Sunnyside, NY Sunnyside, NY Washington Irving's privy

Happy birthday to me
We're getting a tractor! A cute little used Kubota with a plow on the front and a 3-speed PTO on the back. A parishioner is helping me pick it up in Worthington tomorrow. We'll then take it to Bedford to get a seal repaired on one of the hydraulic pistons that operates the plow. Once that's one, then I'll take it out to Wilderstead.

Immediate benefits: I'll be able to plow snow, which means we can visit Wilderstead no matter what the weather's gone and done. Also, I'll be able to groom the gravel on the road, which needs to be done now and then. Long-range benefits: I'll be able to do other hauling and earth-moving jobs, and, once I get a 4' bush hog for the back, some mowing on the front pasture.

This means, too, that I'll need to get a little spur graveled and a canopy built so I can park the tractor there. I've already got a spot for that picked out. One more project I need to get after! Oh yeah, and it means I'll need to figure out how to operate this baby. I've never driven anything bigger than a lawnmower before, and this has a lot to master on it. I'm hoping I can find an operator's manual online (this baby was built between 1977-1982).
But when you're a professional pirate, it's what the job's about.
"If the Danes and Norwegians can be described as mercantile pirates, the Swedes are better characterized as piratical merchants."
-- from a chapter on "Old Norse" in Old English and its Closest Relatives, describing Scandinavia in the Viking Age

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