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The Daily Mustard
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Monday, October 3rd, 2011

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Good news
I talked with the Registrar at Philmont today, and everything's cool on that front. The deadline for our fee transmittal was Saturday; I was mistaken about when it was due and thus caught out, PLUS we didn't have enough people with money down to send the transmittal, anyway. Well, we've got enough now, and they're okay with us sending it in now, and plans can go forward. I feel like I've aged five years this weekend, sweating this out.

Okay, so . . . we currently have three adults and five youth who say they're going for sure, with one or two youth still unheard from. And there's room beyond that.

I'm thinking this will be my last Philmont trek. Oh, I could see doing an Autumn Adventure for just a few days (and maybe with all adults), but as for putting together the big trip with youth, well, by the time I get around to thinking about doing this again, my likely age would make going increasingly unlikely. I've still got lots of adventures left in me, I'm sure, but I'm thinking probably not Philmont.

As for personal goals? This will be my fifth Philmont trek. I want to stand on top of Baldy again.
Places to Go
This one is in an old moonshiners' village strategically located on the Kentucky-Virginia border in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Been through there a couple of times backpacking. Thinking we might go back there to train for Philmont this year.

Schoolhouse privy Schoolhouse privy Hensley Settlement, KY

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