September 29th, 2011


Places to Go

This is Crew 699 on a winter cabin campout years ago. They're all much older, now -- as are we all.

Two-holer Two-holer The crew at Camp Louis Ernst, Dupont, Indiana

his friend Jesus

You said it

"There are serious flaws in the foundations of contemporary evangelicalism. Our theological underpinnings are too weak, our knowledge of church history is too vague, our understanding of the text of Scripture too superficial, our being formed in the practice of ministry insufficiently reflective."
-- Dr. Timothy Tennent, President, Asbury Theological Seminary

health care rant

Just finished my required Health Quotient screening on-line. If I fail to do this, I lose a bonus (i.e., it costs me extra money) with my health insurance. Just for the record:
I have had at least an annual physical exam (high adventure type) for over twenty-five years. I have a GP, a Dentist, and several specialists I see regularly. I am not someone who neglects my health or takes a lackadaisical attitude toward preventive care.

Also, once back when we were required to do a physical screening (with bloodwork) and not just an on-line quiz, the lab screwed up my test results and sent me scurrying for a specialist, only to find out that there was nothing to look into. I never submitted to such a screening again.

A friend who used to work in HR tells me that this nannying actually has value. It uncovers conditions unknown to employees and reduces costs for the employer. But for someone like me, who takes care of himself, it is a bloody waste of my time. All it does is tell me, in the most annoying way, that I should exercise more and eat less and watch conditions X, Y, and Z. All of which I already know and can't do much more about than I'm doing. And NO, I do not want to be hooked up with a fershlugginer "health coach." </rant>

There, I feel better already.