September 28th, 2011

saxon cross

For all the saints

Lord, give your witnesses courage to withstand fear and temptation. Give grace to Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to confess the Name of Jesus Christ name before men. Confound those who seek his life. May his testimony bring others to the truth of your love. Amen.

Places to Go

Ah, Blue Mounds! Site of our second night on the Yellowstone trip in 2003. Where Jean finally realized what she'd gotten herself into as Zach proceeded to freebase the can of whipped cream. Yep, Venturers are a different breed.

Blue Mounds S.P., MN Blue Mounds S.P., MN


All done

Relaxing at home after spending twelve hours in a suit. Parishioner who had surgery is reported doing well. Funeral (and dinner afterwards!) for other parishioner went very well. Staff-Parish Committee meeting got a lot accomplished. Choir practice was fun. Time to sit very still and be very quiet.

Tomorrow, I've got to look up some car repair types. My car had a flat when I came out this morning, so I took the truck. The truck died at a gas station north of Bloomington and gave me a scare before I got it jumped. But those are issues for later. Today, I made it everywhere I needed to be, and God blessed everything I did. And that's what counts.