September 2nd, 2011

wile e.


I was trying to work out the chords to Terry Conway's Fareweel Regality and I kept losing the key. This, after I'd cadged the supposed chords online! Couldn't sing along with those chords, the guitar just didn't sound right. Couldn't figure out notes or chords in any other key on piano, either.

Finally, I looked at a picture of Conway posing with his guitar. Don't know if he was supposed to be playing Fareweel Regality in that picture, but I noticed that his capo was up four frets. I translated the chords I was given to that key, then changed it down two frets where I would be most comfortable playing it, and behold! I heard it right as I strummed it. (He was singing the song in the key of E, as it turns out, so if I play in D with the capo up 2, I'm right on it.)

I went to my FB and started playing the youtube of Conway singing and playing the song, and I was in the correct key. As I played along with him, I found where the transcribed chords I was working from were not as he played them. By the time I'd played it through with him three times, I could accompany and sing the song more or less as he does. I corrected my copy of the chords, and now I can add this'un to my repertoire.

I am one proud and happy geetar scrubber.