September 1st, 2011



I just finished my worship planning for the rest of the Church year and on through Advent and Christmastide. Now, I can pass all that on to the Secretary who makes the bulletins, the Choir Director who plans anthems and such, and the accompanists who play the hymns and plan service music. . .

My brain is so tired right now. Deanne says, "Nobody appreciates it, do they?" I replied, "I don't think anybody knows how much time it takes to do this. I think they all suppose I simply show up on Sunday morning and it just kinda oozes out of me."

True Story:
Years ago, a crabby old lady in the church I was serving came up to me and said in a hard voice, "I don't like the way you preach."

"Oh, why's that?" I asked.

"'Cause it all sounds like it's comin' right off the top of yer head," she replied.

"Well, thank you," I said. "You don't know how many hours it takes to make it sound like it's coming off the top of my head."
cook with fire

Bringin' out the big guns, baby

Our Boy Scouts are in charge of the Consecration Sunday luncheon again this year. Deanne will be Executive Chef; Alane is in charge of the front of the house; we got people who know their way around a grill and a boatload of Scouts eager to serve.

Deanne and I talked over the menu today.

We're thinking my home-made Salsa with Chips for an appetizer, followed by Supper Corn Chowder to put out any heartburn. The entree will be marinated, grilled Ribs with Peppers and Onions. Cole Slaw on the side. Scratch yeast rolls. Dessert will be what we call Martian Death Brownies (I don't know the real name, but they're insanely rich with some kind of gooey coconut topping) and Vanilla Ice Cream (sprinkled with cinnamon and with maybe a supreme of blood orange on the side?).

Hmmm. That first course looks a little weak. Maybe we could add a veggie tray with a Greek yogurt dipping sauce, along with the chips and salsa? Hmmm, hmmm, and hmmm.