July 19th, 2011


From out of the past

A young man accosted me in the local Chinese restaurant. "I once knew a man with mustache like yours, named Art Collins." Well, that's me, I replied. He said where he was from and told how I had taken him and his twin brother as guests on a trip with my Scouts to the National Scout Museum, back when it was in Murray, KY. Would have been around 1993. We talked for a while.

After I sat down to eat, I began to remember him and his family more clearly, though I still don't recall much about the trip he was on. I first met Ryan (his name) and his brother when they were Webelos Scouts attending Webelos Weekend at Camp Krietenstein. They were about 13 or so when I last had contact with them, which would make them about 31 years old now.

I am pleased to see again someone I shared some good times with long ago. I am even more pleased to be remembered with affection. This sort of thing happens every now and then and is one of God's best gifts.