July 12th, 2011


Movin' and shakin'

Well, I just made a new hotel reservation for Wichita next weekend. NAUMS was to have its Annual Meeting at the South Central Jurisdiction United Methodist Men's Gathering in Wichita. Due to low registration, SCJ UMM have canceled that event, leaving NAUMS out on a limb.

I consulted with the other officers, and to avoid confusion and costs, we opted to move the meeting to the Hampton Inn West by the airport in Wichita. The meeting will now be July 30, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. (note change of time).

Just one more challenge in a very challenging term as President of NAUMS. Still, our strongest chapter is based in Wichita. This might be our best Annual Meeting in who knows when. That would be a very good thing.